maximize your protectionwith Adjustable Safeguard Pro Face Mask

Fast-drying, hyper cooling, long-lasting, antibacterial face mask

  • Infused with Gold and Silver

    Safe Guard Pro Technology to kill odor-causing bacteria

  • Machine washable

    100x without losing effectiveness

  • hyper cooling

    Fast-drying, long-lasting temperature control

  • Adjustable & Secure

    'Flex-fit' stretchable fabric for a secure fit

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About the product

Venley PPE's Adjustable Safeguard Pro Face Masks are made of 100% moisture-wicking cotton material - they're lightweight, soft, & breathable - making it perfect to wear over your face. Our highly effective Safeguard Pro technology infuses the anti-microbial properties of gold and silver into our cotton fabric fibers to kill odor-causing bacteria, delivering reliable and long-lasting protection. Our adjustable stretch ear loops are designed with high-quality lightweight fabric, which allows a snug and secure fit for maximum comfort and protection. The masks are made to be machine washable; you can safely wash and reuse your mask over 100 times without having to worry about shrinkage. The mask is also designed with an internal pocket for placing additional filtration. We provide the best quality material and shipping times since all of our masks are made by hand directly in the United States.

Why our mask is better than the others?

Copper and Silver infusion

Safe Guard Pro Technology 3PLY fabric to kill odor-causing bacteria. Does not use any surfactants or chemicals.

Super comfortable

Fast-drying, hyper cooling, cold to touch long-lasting temperature control.

Flexible & stretchable

Flexible nose bridge to hold your mask in place. Adjustable earloops and & 'Flex-fit' stretchable fabric for a secure fit. One size fits most.

Easy Reusable

Machine washable 100x without losing effectiveness. (as low as $0.06 per use)

Wide Application

Can be used at restaurants, grocery stores, schools and for other outdoor and indoor activities, reducing the transmission of aerosols and other liquids.


Infused with silver and copper to kill bacterias


Internal pocket for additional filtration


Machine washable for up to 100x times


Flexible & stretchable toggles


Available in
five colors

Percentage of pathogen decontamination over the course of 24 hours

Percentage of pathogen decontamination

Our customers love it!

Julie Padilla

5/5(purchase verified on Amazon)

I love these. They are snug over the nose which I Like. I have two black ones and sometimes they are a little loose. Highly recommended

Lana Lorenzen

5/5(purchase verified on Amazon)

I bought two masks and I am so happy I did. (The company should start doing designer and custom masks; I suspect that many more people will be wearing masks in the future even during regular flu season. I know I will be.). The masks are comfortable, soft, cover fully, and feel very secure. I love them!

Jeanne Wilkerson

4.5/5(purchase verified on Amazon)

Most comfortable. So far these masks are the easiest that I have tried to breathe in. Thank you

Louise Dase

5/5(purchase verified on Amazon)

Love these masks. We love these masks. This is the third time I have ordered some. Ordered the light blue and the navy to give us more variety on colors.


5/5(purchase verified on Amazon)

The best mask ever. I have the navy blue mask, out of all the masks I have bought and tried this is the only one that has just enough room to not cling to my face. I love this mask and wash it almost daily. Thank you for having this available.


5/5(purchase verified on Amazon)

Very soft. These masks are a great deal. They are buttery smooth, include a filter pocket AND a nose wire which is essential for me because my mask is always sliding up or down.

About VenleyPPE

Venley PPE’s mission is to provide the highest grade of coronavirus prevention supplies in the most efficient amount of time. Something we noticed at the start of our founding was that PPE supplies were difficult to find and even harder to arrive on time. We asked ourselves: Why should someone have to worry about their face masks or face shields arriving on time? For this reason, we have dedicated our time to not only providing top quality PPE products but also offering top quality service with overnight and next day shipping options. This way, you do not have to wait to feel safe and protected.

Our Fulfillment Process

With a warehouse of over 20,000 Sq.Ft. and a fulfillment team of over 25 employees we’ve grown to offer an optimal and efficient shipping experience. We have also developed strong relationships with shipping carriers such as DHL, FedEx, UPS, and USPS, to offer Venley PPE customers the fastest shipping rates available during these times of urgency.

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